Like many people I have folders full of receipts; some paper, some electronic – all catalogued by year taking up space. Also like many people I’d like to get rid of that clutter and put everything in one spot. 

This sounds exactly like an Evernote sales pitch……

You would think this would be easy, there are connector out there that can set up flows based on API’s. I didn’t think I would have to code anything.

My first point of call was , this is exactly what it is designed to do. It seemed good, there were plenty of Gmail to Evernote recipes listed, I started digging deeper into them all. Unfortunately no luck, ifttt can only be triggered by new messages in Gmail – no help for the hundreds I had archived. Even worse, notes are created at todays  date rather than the date the email was received. Back to the drawing board.

I decided to do some quick investigation into the Evernote API, to ensure notes could be created at any date, and found Evernote has a really well supported development environment with sample programs in many languages. As I am in the process of learning Ruby giving that flavour a go was obvious. 

The sample code is all on github along with very straightforward instructions on how to get an API key and get everything up and running on

Just to make sure I checked Google, Gmail looks to have a good API as well, it will be next once I get Evernote up and running.

Time to start playing with some Ruby…